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    • Stamina
    • Swim for Fitness
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  • About Us

    Swansea Sharks Development Squads

    The Develoment club consists of two Squads; Squad 1 & Squad 2
    There are 3 sessions a week allocated to each Squad. Children can opt to attend one, two or three sessions a week if they wish. This is totally optional.



    What to expect from the development club:

    The development club focuses on Stroke Technique in Frontcrawl, backstroke and breaststroke, all whilst improving their stamina and endurance. Development Club also focuses on additional skills needed in swimming such as dives and turns.

    What is needed?

    What do I need in Development Club?

    Development Club is the step up from the widths, the equipment needed;

    • Kick Board
    • Pull Buoy
    • Training (Short) fins
    • Mesh Bag
    • Goggles
    • Cap (children with long hair)
  • At the moment Squad 1 train on Thursday 5-6pm, Friday 6.15-7pm (Skills Session), & Sunday 6.15-7pm.
    Squad 2 train on Wednesday 5.30-6.30am, Friday 6.15-7pm (Skills Session), & Saturday 11.30am-12.30pm.


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