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Why Young Swimmers Need to Improve their Technique

In swimming, no matter what age you start competing, your success as hinges on how efficiently you can move through the water. Water is far denser than air, so if you’re a tri-athlete you will require an entirely different set of technical skills than any land-based sport.

Improving and practising your technique is the best way to reach your potential in any activity, but this is particularly important in swimming more than any other sport. Working on your technique regularly can hugely improve your overall swimming efficiency, speed, and confidence in the water.

Technique in swimming is so vital that being able to move through the water efficiently determines how well you swim far more than being in great shape does. In fact, two swimmers with a similar build and experience, will most likely not swim with the same efficiency and rate of speed. Importantly, you don’t have to be in amazing shape to work on the fundamentals, which is why everyone from novice to elite should work regularly to improve their stroke and overall technique.

Tri-athletes and Swimming

When it comes to swimming, the big difference between a triathlete and a competitive swimmer is that the competitive swimmer might be able to go 50% faster using the same level of work output.

This is because most swimmers develop the proper stroke mechanics and feel for the water at a very young age. Many triathletes, who come from a running or biking background, can spend countless hours in the water attempting to develop the same effective technique as competitive swimmers.

While you can’t win a triathlon on the swim alone, you can certainly lose one if you can’t keep up with everyone else in the water. However, triathletes should not be discouraged. At Sharks Development Club and our Trisharks Club, we work with a number of young triathletes by helping them to improve their swimming efficiency by practising a few minor stroke adjustments.

Work on the Fundamentals

One of the best ways to improve your stroke technique is to work on the fundamentals with experienced teachers.

Our teachers will demonstrate and help swimmers to practice a series of drills designed to work on technique. These include:

  • Improving the maximum distance per stroke by changing the head position and rotational momentum
  • Single arm freestyleby working on developing an early vertical forearm and rotating
  • Sculling to develop a feel for the water in the forearms.

Our swimmers have the opportunity to work on every drill and receive stroke critique in a one-on-one coaching environment. Our goal is for every athlete to walk away with a fresh understanding of their stroke and what they can do to improve their technique to ultimately swim smarter.

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